Engel Heckmann & Partner - Rechsanwälte

Fields of law

Our legal services include the following:

Labour Law
Drafting, negotiation and termination of employment contracts; employment relationships with employees enjoying special protection; Law concerning employees' representation and co-determination in business and industry including individual works agreements, balance of interests and social redundancy plans; representation in board of conciliation and court procedures, collective bargaining Law.

Construction Law
Drafting and negotiation of building, builder's and architect's contracts; advice and representation with regard to Claims for remuneration, fees and damages, warranty Claims and contract awarding matters; safeguarding of compensation for work and Claims for Performance. We deal with individual commercial properties, business parks, shopping centers and domestic developments. We act for property owners, insurance companies; public businesses, authorities incl. the German State; construction companies, architects and planners.

Law of succession
Drafting of testaments; negotiation of contracts of succession by inheritance and provisions regarding succession in matrimonial property agreements; execution of wills; successorship regulations for entrepreneurs; setting up of foundations; disputes between heirs. Legal opinions on German heritage to foreign Lawyers and individuals.

Commercial Law
Drafting and negotiation of commercial transactions;  negotiation of agency agreements; setting up of exclusive distribution systems under German and European Law; Court proceedings in commercial collection matters.

Company Law/M&A
Formation and structuring of partnerships and German corporations, liquidation, disputes between partners/shareholders and between corporations and their management bodies, managing director contracts. Advise for public stock companies, mid-size businesses or private, family-led organizations. Corporate reorganizations and restructurings, preparation and holding of general shareholders’ meetings. Drafting and implementation of Management participation schemes.
Strategic planning of company acquisitions or sales, due diligence examinations, negotiations, drafting of M&A agreements mostly for and regarding mid-size businesses, their shareholders and individual investors.

Investment Law for Investors
Advice and representation in business dealings with banks, Law on collateral securities and in dealings in securities; court proceedings for damages based on inadequate advice.

Advise in competition Law issues and proceedings, representation before the competition authorities in fines and abuse proceedings; strategic decisions on new corporate concepts. Advise on distribution, and franchise agreements. Establishment of competition- compliance systems  and compliance training to mid-size companies, especially from the food industry.

Unfair competition, advice on the design of advertising, legal representation in court.

Food Law
New products, marking, advertising, additives, dietary Supplements, EU foodstuff import export procedures, representation towards authorities and courts.

Trademark and patent Law
Application and conflict-of-Laws examination, warning notices, trademark Law proceedings, co-operation with patent agents.

Law of tenancy

Negotiation of contracts for commercial applications; residential tenancy agreements; rent collection; eviction proceedings.

Non Profit Organisations
Setting up of non profit foundations; setting up of German family foundations; tax advice; support of and attendance to foundations as board of directors or in advisory committee/board of trustees.

Transport Law
Advise on national and international overland, air and sea transports, including dangerous goods and claims; recourse by insurers; customs matters; summary proceedings; drafting of logistics agreements; M& A of logistics companies.

Disputes with tax authorities; support of tax advisers to solve difficult legal Problems; recourse against the former tax adviser.

Insurance Law
Enforcement of and defence against claims from insurance contracts; recourse action for insurers.